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Everyone may not like keying in user name into the Barcode scanners or PDAs commonly used in warehouses. I had an opportunity to observe the end user community in a Hospital store going through this learning curve. The warehouse picker community involves temporary workers who may be introduced to handle mobile devices for the first time or may have gone through totally different device UI in another warehouse.
The idea of creating and scanning the barcode in lieu of keying in is certainly not new, however, I thought of putting the tip into this site to help whomsoever it may be worth a penny!
Scan to Log into the PDA Scanner:
Is the Scanner keyboard too sensitive? You can’t see the soft keys properly? Do you have a complex User Name or Password and struggle to enter into the Scanner? Bar Code helps you to simply scan a piece of paper and get into the scanner!
Step-1 Convert your User Name into Bar Code and print on a Sheet of Paper (It doesn’t have to be a Label).
Step-2 Simply scan the Bar Code next time when you need to enter the User Name into the Bar Code.
How do you print the Bar Code?
(2) Enter your User Name in the “Your Text” field of the Bar Code generator.
(3) Select ‘Advanced Options’ to increase or decrease the size of the Bar Code. For e.g. you may use Width ‘300’ and Height ‘100’.
(4) Hit ‘Generate Barcode’. Bar Code is generated and displayed on the screen.
(5) Print it on a normal paper or save the image on to your computer.
See the image: Uname

(1) Go to the website

(2) Select the Bar Code Type ‘128’.

(3) Select the size option: Small, Normal, Large or Very Large

(4) Hit ‘Create Barcode’. Bar Code is generated and displayed on the screen.

(5) Print it on a normal paper or right click and save the image to your computer.

See the image: Uname1


(1) Download and install "barcode add-in” for Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word.

(2) Use the add-in to create Bar Code image on Excel or Word.

(3) Print or save the image.