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For many shipper scenarios which I have worked , until TM 9.0 when the purchase order for inbound scenario was transferred to TM, the OTR ( order based transportaton requirement) created in TM was further planned in transportation cockpit but the quantities which was used was based on requested quantities only and not on confirmed  quantities.

Now with SAP TM 9.1, the planning with an OTR is now possible based on confirmed quantities of the ERP purchase order and hence this means the earlier PO which was transmitted from ECC to TM without confirmed quantities gets updated as soon as the PO is send to TM with confirmed quantity information.

Further with TM 9.1, if we want to use the transportation planning functionality with confirmed quantities only, then an OTR without confirmed quantity will not trigger any FU creation.The FU will be created only with the confirmed quantity available in OTR.

In ordre to set up the above functionality following settings needs to be maintained as highlighted below:

a) Control key parameter has to be set up based on PO confirmed quantity  and select the option-Plan on confirmed quantities in SPRO when defining and setting up OTR type. The control key parameter is set up in ECC using navigation path SPRO-Integration with other SAP components-Transportation management-Order integration-Define control keys for document transfer.

Similarly OTR trype to be defined can be set up using the below navigation path in TM- SPRO-SAP TM-TM-Integration-ERP logistics integration-Order based Transportation requirement-Define OTR type

b) In the earlier version on the item level of OTR , we used to have only schedule line after Products were maintained.But with the new functionality in TM 9.1 there is another line item called as acknowledgement which added the hierarchy below below the main enclosed item.

So for testing purpose below enclosed are the steps to be followed:

a) Create PO in ECC using Tcode ME21N and initially no confirmed quantity is maintained there.

b) Once PO is send to TM using the workflow technology and if OTR is configured based on confirmed quantities, the OTR created will have consumption status-consumed completely and life cycle status completed.Now when any user will go to OTR item level data he will find two columns under Schedule lines- i) Requested quantity which is filled up from PO   ii) Confirmed quantity which is still zero as there been no quantity confirmed in PO

c) Now PO is send to vendor for order acknowledgement via EDI

d) Now the supplier/shipper from shipping point  creates a sales order with ATP and confirmed quantities and references the PO created in step a) using VA01.Here confirmation is send from supplier ECC system to ship to party via EDI

e) Now the PO has confirmation tab and after selecting the confirmation control-Confirmations and updating the confirmed quantities, the OTR at item level field for confirmed quantities also gets updated.Along with this FU also gets created with confirmed quantities.Now OTR status is not consumed and life cycle status to not planning.