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In this blog series, I would like to describe the various troubleshooting/debugging tips while we come across with a known/unknown behavior of the system.

During my tenure working in Transportation Management, I got to learn and explore many things both technically and functionally. But from technical side It is quite different experience I have had when compared to my earlier experiences in SAP GUI and Web Dynpro environment. Probably this is because of various new frameworks i.e FPM, FBI and BOPF used in SAP TM. Since TM is evolving rapidly with new concepts and enhanced applications in every release, it is understood that at times consultants would face challenges to understand the system behavior. Therefore consultant has to take the help of technical resource or start himself debug and analyze further.

Below are the various concepts and tools that I have followed to resolve the issue or to understand the system behavior.

  1. Message handling & Message Determination.
  2. Finding a ABAP code – easy ways
  3. Performance analysis
  4. Update Debugging
  5. Layer Aware debugging
  6. Use of Application log
  7. Change documents
  8. XML Message processing while integration between TM to SAP and TM to Non-SAP systems
  9. Production System monitoring

Each of the above concept is decribed more detailed and step by step in sub-posts.

I hope my troubleshooting tips will help both functional and technical people who are working in SAP TM and any other SCM modules in which these frameworks are reused.

There may be a different way or better way of doing it, but I shared my thought and approach.

Please feel free to add if any comments.