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This week I completed a preliminary review of the new release of its Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model by the Supply Chain Council (SCC).  My findings are published in the full version of online magazine.  Some highlights:

  • The Level 2 process "Enable" which was common across all Level 1 processes is no promoted to Level 1 status.  This in effect creates a closed-loop model for the first time similar to the Deming "Plan, Do, Check, Act" quality cycle.

  • SCOR11 delineates certain best practices into specific areas of effectiveness.  This is very helpful for operational analysis and bench-marking using "level chart" and other similar techniques.

  • Best practice guidelines have been added to SCOR11.

SAP has long been a supporter in the area of adopting (and enabling) the SCOR framework for Supply C..., and has been the recipient of an Global Technology Advancement Award by the SCC in this area.  SAP Solution Manager, Stephanie Gruber says the SCOR framework is important for customer use inside their analytics environment to measure successful execution of business operations. "[Customers gain] complete visibility into supply chain performance, which complies with leading industry standards such as [SCOR] to define operational dependencies," said Gruber. 

Major customers such as Coca-Cola have leveraged SCPM as the key performance driver of their supply chain monitoring and management activities.  The new release of SCPM 2.0 also allows for integration into Risk Management (RM10) for comprehensive supply chain risk management tracking.

Read the full article here.  Thanks again to Stephanie for being available for comment.