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This blog discusses a use case where decimals places were to be restricted across 500+ calculations which included user input enabled and calculated key figures.

Implementing IBP S&OP for a customer in process industry most often entails resource consumption and bill of material calculations to be in decimals. For our customer we have built a wrapper around IBP S&OP that consists of 500+ calculations that input material constraints, resource consumption, bill of material, scrap and financial information to IBP S&OP model.

Scenario: By default, IBP S&OP calculates up to 6 decimals and we wanted to round all key figures to 3 decimals. Validation of calculations was getting complex with 6 decimals, I am sure you can imagine.

Solution: We adopted 2 strategies for rounding.

1. All user input enabled key figures we maintained in table SOPDM_KEYFIGURE_QUERY with KFPRECISION as 3. This helped to ensure that the system accepts only 3 decimals places at base planning level when data entered through excel UI.

Note: It only works if the aggregation mode is sum or average and the disaggregation mode is proportional/equal. Also, if it has a UOM or currency conversion, the number of decimal places only applies to the value in the unit/currency it was changed. In the forward calculation or aggregation, the number of decimal places in general, is not taken into account. If the base level is 3 decimal and if the request level is a simple sum, the number of decimal places is honored

automatically. But if you have intermediate calculation with other keyfigures, the number of decimal places won't be what is specified, unless in the calculation configuration you explicitly round it off.

2. Adopted ROUND() for all calculated key figures to ensure calculations to 3 decimals.

IBP S&OP model automatically deletes key figures from table SOPDM_KEYFIGURE_QUERY if deleted from the planning area.

The only vulnerable spot in this configuration are helper key figures where we have not adopted a rounding strategy, but hoping those are covered by calculated key figures.

Please feel free to share your use case and solution.

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