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Hi colleagues,

I am writing this article to help some SAP Consultants around the world, like me, implementing SAP BN4L-GTT.

After we finished main settings related to GTTMSG idoc (responsible to send combined Events Messages and Tracked Processes from SAP ERP to SAP BN4L-GTT), we noticed that they failed in status 02 (Error passing data to port) with Error Message EA391No IDoc saved in target system (SOAP HTTP), during our tests.

Log from WE05 transaction


After we internally consult with SAP, we received the information that RFC User (under Logon & Security tab) must be the same SAP BN4L-GTT “Technical User ID” configured in Manage Business Profile App in BN4L side, as highlighted in yellow below:

SAP BN4L-GTT Manage Business Profile App

SM59 transaction.

After we perform the adjustment in this configuration, we were able to successfully process GTTMSG idocs and information from SAP ERP arrived at SAP BN4L-GTT side.

SAP BN4L-GTT View Logs App.

I hope this information can help you in case you face this issue in the future.
Thanks! 🙂

“The more we share, the more we have” (Leonard Nimoy)

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