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Hi colleagues,

I am writing this article to help some SAP Consultants around the world, like me, implementing SAP BN4L-GTT.

After we finished main configurations described in SAP ERP Sample Code Configuration Guide for Fulfillment Tracking Apps , we noticed that some Fulfillment Tracking Apps like Track Sales Order and Track Purchase Orders were not displayed in SAP BN4L-GTT (only Track Shipments and Monitor Inbound ASNs below)



Looking our Roles in SAP BTP Cockpit we noticed that lbn_gtt_core!b18679 role was not assigned to our users. After we assigned this role to our users, in a new Role Collection created, all Fulfillment Tracking Apps were displayed.

All Fulfillment Tracking Apps available

This information is available in Administration Guide for Version 2 – Available Roles for Solution Owners.

But we still faced other issue: It was not possible to Display the Purchase Orders in Track PO Fulfillment app.
Error messages below were displayed when we tried to open the apps:

Call to read service failed. Contact your IT Administrator.


Call remote service GTT Service with URL '$skip=0&$top=300&$orderby=code%20asc&$inlinecount=allpages&$expand=localized' failed.
400 Bad Request: "{"error":{"message":"Bussiness Partner not found by integration user \u0027\131838\u0027","details":[]}}"


After we internally consult with SAP, we noticed looking our Roles in SAP BTP Cockpit, that some Business User Roles were mixed with Technical User roles in the same Role Collection.
So, we corrected them, doing a split in different Role Collection as SAP suggest in Administration Guide for Version 2 – Chapter: Organize Roles Together and Assign Them to Users


Purchase Orders were displayed in Standard Fulfillment Track App. 🙂


I hope this information can help you in case you face these issues in the future.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela)