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Plants are a physical location of a company where the finished goods are stored or manufactured. From these locations, goods are distributed to the customers. Plant substitution allows you to select alternate plants if the default plant can't satisfy the demands of a sales order. A plant substitution is done in the context of a sales organization and distribution channel.

Locations can be substituted due to various reasons such as:

  • An alternate location may provide an earlier order confirmation.
  • Existing location isn't operational. Example: The plant is in shutdown or in maintenance mode.
  • Existing supply location has different taxation rules.
  • Existing supply location may not have sufficient stocks.


Location Substitution Scenarios

  • One-to-one substitution (1:1): A location is replaced by another location that can perform the same business function.
  • One-to-many substitution (1:n): A location is replaced by more than one location which can perform the same business function.

We can define location substitutions using 5 apps.

SAP Fiori App

Key Feature

Business role & ID

Manage Substitution Reasons


Create and manage reasons to indicate why a location is substituted or excluded.


Order Fulfilment Manager(R0226)

Manage Substitution Groups

Create and manage groups, which can be used to group together substitute locations that perform the business function.

Helps in Activate or deactivate groups.



Order Fulfilment Manager(R0226)

Manage Substitution Controls

Create and manage controls that can be used to manage groups of substitutions.

Assign groups to controls.


Order Fulfilment Manager(R0226)

Manage Substitutions

Create and manage plant and storage substitutions.

Create application-specific location substitutions.

View plant and storage location substitution graphs.


Order Fulfilment Manager(R0226)

Manage Exclusions

Exclude plants and storage locations from being used in substitutions.


Order Fulfilment Manager(R0226)

1: Manage Substitution Reasons (App ID: F4789)

With this app, we can manage reasons that can be used while creating substitutions and exclusions for plant.



Choose location type which is to be substituted and mention reason for location substitution.



2: Manage Substitution Groups (App ID: F4788)

With this app, Plant substitutions can be grouped together if the substitute plants are identical in all of their business functions.










3: Manage Substitution Controls (App ID: F4787)

Substitution control is used to consume one or more predefined groups of substitutions.

With this app, we can create and manage controls. By assigning substitution groups to controls, consuming applications can manage substitution groups. You can assign only active and inactive groups to a control. 






4: Manage Substitution (App ID: F4785)

With this app, we can create and manage location substitutes. You can use this app to substitute a location with an alternate plant.

App can be used for:

  • Create, edit, and delete location substitutions.
  • Create a storage location substitution either with the storage location specified or undefined. The Network Graph graphically depicts the undefined storage location as Unspecified Storage Location.
  • Select the predefined reasons for substitutions.
  • View preceding and succeeding substitutions.
  • Specify the order in which the substitutions are performed by sequencing them.
  • Specify when a chain of substitutions has to stop.
  • View location substitution graph


  • Set to Active: Indicates that the substitution is active and will be considered for the substitution process.
  • Set to Inactive: Indicates the substitution is inactive and will not be considered for the substitution process.
  • Set to Obsolete: Indicates the substitution is no more supported. The status can be changed to Inactive or Active as per business requirement.









  • Reasons: Indicates why the substitution is taking place.
  • Group: Indicates the group to which the substitution belongs
  • Exit Indicator: Indicates if the system needs to stop further traversing of the chain of substitutions.

  • Lead Indicator: If there are multiple substitutions for the chosen plant, then selecting the lead indicator indicates that this plant takes precedence over other substitutes.
  • Sequence: Indicates the sequence in which the substitutes are triggered for the substitution process.
  • Validities: The validities (from-and-to date and time along with time zone) information for the substitution.



5: Manage Exclusion (App ID: F4786)

With this app, we can create and manage location exclusions. Location exclusions allows you to exclude plants and storage locations from being used in the substitution logic. 







6: Backend configuration:

Check if Availability check has Advanced ATP is active as shown in below screen.


7: Test results

Create a sale order for a customer and material. In below test case, we can notice Original plant was 1010, Delivery plant is changed to 1710.







Thank you 

Satwik Joshi

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