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Last minute change in supply chain execution, human error etc are inevitable. Till SAP S/4HANA 2023 release, it was not feasible to reverse the departure from checkpoint as stated in SAP note 3016022 and as depicted in below image.

capture 1.png

SAP has removed this limitation in S/4HANA 2023 release and my present blog is to illustrate this new functionality.

Before I deep dive into the new feature of ‘Reversal of departure from checkpint’, I like to highlight that SAP provides 2 solutions for TM-EWM interation i) TM-EWM integration with EWM trasnsportation unit (TU) ii) Advanced shipping and receiving (ASR). If you want details of these solutions then refer my earlier blogs.

SAP has provided the capability to send LDAP message for ‘Reverse departure from checkpoint’ from transportation unit of EWM to freight order of TM as depicted in below image for TM-EWM integration with EWM TU.  


capture 2.png

Event ‘Departure from checkpint’ has happened for TU 6100004205 at 18:25:10 on 25.02.2024 as depicted in below screenshot of EWM TU.

capture 3.png

And the same is reflected in freight order as in below image.

capture 4.png

Now TU is being set ‘ Reverse departure’ as in below image.

capture 9.png

Subsequently the ‘Departure from checkpoint’ gets unset as shown in below image.

capture 5.png

And the event ‘Departure’ also gets removed from freight order as shown in below image.

capture 6.png

Note the pre-requisite configuration as in below image.

capture 7.png

This new feature will be very useful for customers using TM-EWM integration with EWM TU for both deployments- embedded and decentralized.

This blog is based on my personal insights, observation, and tests in SAP S/4HANA 2023 release with embedded deployment. Will appreciate your views / comment and feedback.



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