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Characteristic Value Combinations (CVC) is basically master data for Demand Planning. It is nothing but a combination of characteristics with which we need to plan and forms the basis for aggregation and disaggregation.

CVCs are planned for corresponding Master Planning Object Structure (MPOS) which in turn can be used to one or more planning areas.

  Transaction for Creation, Display and Deletion of CVCs - /SAPAPO/MC62

Due to changing business requirements and change in planning options, one may need to purge CVCs which are either no longer required or are those against which no planning process is going to happen in near future. This not only helps to keep only relevant data in planning books but also helps in performance optimization of planning area backup jobs.

Options to Delete CVCs in Demand Planning -

  1. Delete Characteristics Combinations in MC62


This option is good, if we want to delete only few CVCs as only one CVC could be deleted at a time.

Disadvantage - With this option one can delete only one CVC at a time from the MPOS, as there is no option available to give multiple values in any of the selection field

  1. Delete From Combination List in MC62

With this option, one can delete multiple CVCs at a time as you have the option of selection condition as shown in above screenshot to give multiple values for any of the selection field

Disadvantage – No option of execute the program in background. So, if one wants to delete huge number of CVCs, it can only be done through foreground mode through this option


Disadvantage – Through this option, entire CVC is deleted but time series data is also deleted and the planning area becomes red (inactive) thereby loss of data.

4. Custom Approach – Realignment Option


Scenario - Suppose we have around 10k CVCs which we need to delete from planning area. Assumption here is that for these 10K CVCs there are 10K unique values for particular characteristic.

Since we do not have option of giving 10k values in selection field for any characteristic and run the job in background, we will use realignment option. So, instead of first deleting these 10K CVCs we would “realign” these 10K CVCs and then delete.


  • In the realignment table entries we would put Target characteristic value as TEST (for example) with Delete Source CVC option ticked.

  • This will result in 10K CVC with target characteristic value as TEST for all of them.
  • Then we can use first option – Delete Characteristic Combinations in MC62 – give characteristic value as TEST and execute in background

  • This will delete all 10K CVCs in background

Steps –

1. Maintenance of the Realignment Table

To access the realignment/copy functions choose Demand Planning->Data Administration ->Data Realignment.

Enter the name of the master planning object structure and choose Create.

2. Maintain Entries

In our example, we are creating an excel filw with source characteristic containing the value and making the destination characteristic as "TEST"


3. Import File and Execute the Realignment Job

    • File would get uploaded to realignment table as below:

  • Execute the Realignment Job
  • After realignment one can verify that all CVCs will have characteristic value as TEST

4. Delete CVC

  • Delete the CVCS from MC 62 – Delete Characteristic Combinations by just giving characteristic value as TEST


Advantage –

  • Mass upload entries in Realignment Table
  • Realignment job can be executed in background
  • One also has the record of logs of CVCs which were “deleted” in the Realignment table

Deleting CVC from Infocube

CVCs with value ”TEST” are still in Infocube and will appear whenever the Planning book will get executed. In order to remove these unwanted CVCs completely from the system, it is required to remove them from Infocube

a) Transaction - LISTCUBE

Here, based on selection criteria - it will list out all the CVCs in Infocube with Dummy value as assigned during Realignment Process

b) Transaction - RSA1

  • Select InfoProvider, go to manage
  • Click on contents, it will bring to next screen
  • Click on Delete Selection
  • By choosing option as Delete Selection the below pop-up screen will appear- Click on the Tab “Deletion Selections”.

  • Once the selection screen appear, fill the criteria as per Realignment process  Eg. "TEST"
  • Execue - Deletion report would be generated
  • Start in the background
  • By using SM37, status of the above job can be monitored.
  • To confirm the deletion go to step a T.code LISTCUBE repeat the process with same selections the final List output must be blank.

This will end the CVC deletion process.

Summary –

As discussed in this document, we have multiple options to carry out the deletion process for CVCs in DP. Depending on how much CVC needs to be deleted, one can use different option available.

One of the limitations is that, there is no single transaction to carry out deletion of chunk of CVCs in background mod. For this, realigning the data before deleting helps as discussed above