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SAP S/4HANA for waste and recycling by PROLOGA does offer some innovations and new features to further increase the added value of the solution.
One of them is the new interaction center for waste and recycling which can be used as a central entry point for customer-specific processes. It helps the customer agent to manage customer relationships and supports the set up and operation of functions and processes for presales, service order management and customer interaction.

The integration of SAP S/4HANA for Waste and Recycling includes the following industry-specific functions in the interaction center:

  • Identification of accounts

  • Handling of business partners, contracts and quotations

  • Handling of service addresses, containers, cleaning objects and their related services

  • Creating and handling of waste disposal orders for bulk waste

  • Object identification and several data overviews

  • Creating and displaying clarification cases

The main screen offers plenty options to identify a customer account like name, address, account ID, contact person, telephone number, address of service object, etc.

Main screen

Once identified the screen provides a full overview of the business partner. Not yet existing business partner can also be created including the respective accounts.

An integrated telephone system would not only enable the handling of the calls via the phone bar at the top of the screen but also help to identify the business account via the calling telephone number.

Phone bar

Besides phone calls a customer agent can also handle inbound and outbound service transactions using e-mail, fax, chat or letter communciation channels to manage the customer interaction.

The interaction history shows the full history of interaction with the related business partner.

Interaction history

Via the application buttons at the left (which has a high flexibility for customizing to the needs of your business) the customer agent can navigate towards frequently used actions like creating contracts, changing quotes and many more.

Navigation between applications

In the detailed information of an account all further information regarding existing contracts, created invoices, service order status or other product-related information can be seen.

Detailed business data

A couple of one-click-actions at the top of this view plus the ability to quickly navigate into further details on each hierarchy level of this tree are ensuring that a customer agent can perform his daily work in a direct way and at high speed.

Requested services can easily be added, existing services quickly adapted to customer needs, account or service related master data directly changed while still keeping the full overview on the current status of service orders or invoices to be paid.
All this specifically contains the needs of a waste and recycling industry company including the management of container or cleaning objects and related services like:

  • Place container

  • Allocate container

  • Add cleaning object

  • Create one-off service

  • Create recurring service

  • Edit service

  • Show waste disposal order in waste disposal order overview

Also bulk waste orders can be created and managed directly from here.

With these functionalities the Interaction Center inside SAP S/4HANA for waste and recycling by PROLOGA gets an even more powerful tool for waste and recycling companies to their customer´s needs and manage their master data in an efficient way.

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This is a pure CRM Control center. OK.

What's the link with waste and recycling ?
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The key point on this specific role for the Interaction Center is, that it is completely integrated into SAP Waste & Recycling including the waste order.
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