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To help you get your job done faster, we updated the Application Help to reflect the user interface and user roles. Just click the question mark in any window in the SAP Sales and Operations Planning application, and you will find answers to your questions.

User Interface-Based Topics

The new Application Help includes the following major topics:

  • Getting Started: Introduces SAP Sales and Operations Planning and tells you how to install the SAP S&OP add-in for Microsoft Excel, and how to add alerts and set planning view favorites
  • Using Excel: Provides instructions on important Excel topics such as creating and setting up a planning view, working with templates, scenario planning, and maintaining master data
  • Using Web Client: Explains how to work within the web browser client, including instructions on creating and using charts and dashboards, process modeling, and using SAP Jam to work with colleagues.
  • Administration: Defines tasks for planning model configuration; creating and assigning users, roles, permissions, passwords, and visibility filters; and data integration.
  • Data Integration: Gives you information on preparing templates and CSV files, loading data, displaying data load status, and carrying out insert, update, and delete operations. Troubleshooting tips are also included.
  • Advanced Planning: Describes multilevel supply planning concepts and tasks, as well as algorithms, statistical forecasting, and snapshots.

Data Integration and Useful Links

In addition, the Application Help for SAP S&OP now offers:

  • Instructions on Data Integration in the Web UI, including export functionality
  • Link from Application Help to SAP Sales and Operations Planning Model Configuration Guide

Where to Go for More Information

In addition to the Application Help, you can find more information about SAP Sales and Operations Planning by navigating to the SAP S&OP Help Portal, You will also find relevant HCI documentation here.