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Hi Friends,

I am useing week and Posting periods in my Starage Bucket.

I have 3 key figures that is FCST QTY,CLOSED SALES ORDERS and FCST FOR R3 with 3 decimals points.All key figures S-PRORATA AND TIME BASED-P

FCST FOR R3= FCST QTY- CLOSED SAELS ORDERS when i run this macro in Monthly view at detailed cvc level.

It gives correct values after that when i see the same key figure in week bucket i shows differently.

FOR EXAMPLE: P05.2012 one particular material 11111111.

FCST QTY =21.268


FCST FOR R3= 20.00

when i see the same material in week bucket view it shows differenctly

                             W18       W19       W20      W21

FCST QTY=        5.318        5.316     5.317      5.317

CLOSED ORD=    0               0            0            0

FCST FOR R3=    7               4             5           4

user see the formula in week bucket also.

So could suggest me how can i proceed in this sitituation.

Looking for quick repley.

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