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Many-a-times it might be required to create (for whatever reason) certain data directly in SAP APO.  Doing so through a BAPI might be helpful many a times when the numbers are small, say in 1’s or 10’s. How about doing the same when there a few hundreds or more of them.

The following notes and screen shots are all about that.

As an example I will show the upload of unrestricted stocks.

Update the unrestricted stock of a particular product-location through a BAPI to familiarize with the BAPI.

Go to t-code ‘BAPI’. Drill down the path shown below:

  • Supply Chain Management
  •                 Advanced Planning and Optimization
  •                                 StockAPS
  •                                               SaveMultiple2 ==> BAPI_STSRVAPS_SAVEMULTI2

Having known the BAPI to upload the Stocks, try uploading a Unrestricted Stock for any particular Product – Location combination.

Pass the data as shown in the screenshot below.

Product should be as it comes from external system (18 characters as it is CIFed from SAP ECC in my case)

Execute the function modules shown in the below screenshots to fetch the Logical System and Business System Group.

Now use FUNCTION_LOADER_INLAY to upload the same data. Go to SE38 and execute the program.

Click on ‘Create/Open’ and specify a file name and click ‘Open’ in the popup.

The ‘Data’ tab contains the excel sheet as below.

Go to the Design tab to obtain the upload format of the excel sheet.

Having used the BAPI for upload through se37, all the upload parameters are known, so specify them and proceed as shown in the screen shots below.

Next, click on the ‘Format Worksheet’ button after the ‘Selected Parameters’ are visible on the right and side.

Click ‘OK’ on the popup.

The excel sheet would be populated as shown.

Populate the data as shown below:

In this case I am showing only 1 row, you can populate multiple rows as per your requirement.

After populating the data, click on ‘SAP System’ to upload the data.

Go to /SAPAPO/RRP3 to verify the upload of stock.