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The purpose of this article is to demonstrate a step by step solution that will help to understand the mechanism involved in manual synchronization of info object hierarchy between SAP BW & SEM BCS.

The entire set of activities involved is performed on the SAP BW system.

Business Scenario:

Different Applications, which use the Financials Basis Services, store the master data (specifically hierarchy) they require in application-specific, local tables and in info objects of the SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW).

To prevent inconsistencies, the data should be identical in both storage locations. This document explains the manual synchronization of hierarchy between SAP BW & SEM BCS system.


a.   The document assumes that the target audience has basic understanding of the SAP BW & SEM BCS that involve – Info objects and Hierarchies

b.    Hierarchy is available on SAP BW side to synchronize with SEM business consolidation (BCS).

c.    BW hierarchy is created with unique version number. The fiscal year/period & version fields are required in synchronization.

Step By Step Process:

Given below are the steps to synchronize item hierarchies between SAP BW & SEM BCS system.

Standard ABAP Program UGMDSY20 is considered for explanation.

  1. We are going to synchronize following item hierarchies which are available in SAP BW (T-Code RSH1) –

        a.  Balance Sheet (BS)

        b.  Profit & Loss (PL)


   2.  Item hierarchies are ready in SAP BW system, but they are not available in SEM consol workbench yet.

        Note: Sample hierarchy version 512 is used for explanation

   3.  We have to synchronize hierarchies between SAP BW & SEM Consol by executing program UGMDSY20.

         Specify technical name of program in transaction SE38 & click on execute –


    4. In the next screen, provide the details of application area & field name


    5. The cross mark (local column) in below screenshot for PL & BS hierarchies indicates that hierarchies

         are not available in SEM consolidation workbench –    


     6.  Provide system details at the left bottom of screen -


        Note: Source system is SAP BW & target system is SEM Consolidation which is always shown as

        local in this transaction.

     7. Once system details are provided, select item hierarchy & click on synchronize  -


     8. Hierarchies are synchronized between SAP BW & SEM consol as shown below –


     9. Item Hierarchy in SEM Consol workbench


Points to remember during manual synchronization process :

Following points are to be noted before executing the manual synchronization: 

    1. UGMDSY20: This program replicates local hierarchies in SAP BW, however, only hierarchies of a combination of version and period that you have selected are taken into account.

    2. The field selection is limited to fields that are defined for a hierarchy.

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Author Details:

Shamkant Sonawane, working in L&T InfoTech has an experience of more than 6 years in SAP BI & SEM-BCS. He has worked in Production Support and Implementation Projects.