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A Process Chain in SAP APO is a sequence of process steps wherein one step runs after the other or even parallel to another as defined. Normally a process completion triggers the next step linked to it and if a particular process fails, the next step doesn't run and wait for the completion of the previous step. But at times depending on the scenario we need the next step to run even if the previous step has failed. Such a process is called “Fail Safe”.

Here we shall go through the process of making an existing process chain step “Fail Safe”. In this document we shall go through a process chain created with the standard process types as provided by SAP.

Suppose we want to make the below step as “fail-safe”, meaning we want the next step “consistency check” to trigger and run even if the previous step “initialize planning area” fails.

Right click on the link connecting the two steps and select “Remove Link”:

The screen will refresh and the link connecting the two steps would disappear:


Now bring mouse curser on the first step, click and “draw” the link by drawing till the next step:



A new pop-up window would appear, asking for the action type as follows:

Since we want the next step to run “always”, irrespective of if previous step is successful or fails with errors, we should select “always” here. (previously, the selection was “successful” meaning the next step will run only if the previous step has completed running successfully.)

Now the screen would refresh and the process chain would look like this:


The unique icon (as in the below screenshot) indicates the “fail-safe” status:

Now the next step “consistency check” would run even if the previous “initialize planning area” step fails due to any errors.

Now you can “Save” changes in the process chain from the top menu and schedule the chain as per requirement.

Please note that the decision to make a particular step of a process chain “fail safe” is taken with an understanding of the purpose and repercussions of the process and it is a process specific decision.