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Abstract: There are some scenarios where key figure values need to be compared and if the variation is over a certain limit the data should be adjusted manually based on business scenario. For customers with large number of SKU this will be a time consuming exercise.

In the current situation we have multiple sources of forecast – one source is from Customer portal and second is from the statistical forecast method in APO.  Since the statistical forecast is based on history and the customer forecast is manually maintained, as expected the forecast values would not match. But if there is considerable variation between the two values it should be alerted to the planner so the demand situation can be adjusted manually.

Solution: We adopted macro based alert functionality to generate a DB alert as well as a visual alert to help planners identify such scenarios within short time. By using macro default condition the alert can also be generated automatically while the planner loads / changes data in planning book.

Macro logic: The visual alert icon in planning book is controlled by CELL_LICON () function which places an icon  to the left of the cell value. DB alert is also setup so the planners can use alert monitor (/sapapo/amon1) functionality to review alerts.

Result: For months where values of Total demand forecast are greater than Customer forecast by over 30% the alert icon will get the planners attention and message can be displayed in alert monitor.The macro can be executed as a batch job to generate alerts in Alert monitor for all products.