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Introduction: Now a days business wants to view the logs that whoever make changes in the storage bin like changing storage bin type, maximum weight, Bin access type, Putaway Block & Stock Removal along with the Date&Time. This blog explains how to view the change logs of storage bin.


Path: IMG- SCM Extended Warehouse Management- Extended Warehouse Management- Master Data-Storage Bins-Activate Change Documents


We can view the change log in warehouse monitor& Storage Bin

1)Storage Bin

Create a Storage Bin /N/SCWM/LS01

TO display the Bin Change Docs(/N/SCWM/LS03)

Make the necessary changes in bin

Bin Log

2)Warehouse Monitor

Thank you for reading the post, please share thoughts and feedback.

This is my personal observation based on requirements I worked on, and this blog is based on S4 HANA 2020 version sandbox.