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Early capacity check enables to perform capacity check at storage bin type level within storage types. It performs during putaway search strategies for finding destination storage bins against warehouse tasks.

Normally, system checks each storage bin capacity to store the products in to it. If a storage type has large number of storage bins, it will take more time for this searching and it impacts on system performance as well.

Early capacity check is an optimization method to improve system performance during putaway warehouse tasks creation.


  1. Define Storage bin type

Spro-Img-SCM Extended Warehouse Management-Extended Warehouse Management-Master Data-Storage Bins-Define Storage Bin Types

  1. Activate early capacity check at storage type level

Spro-Img-SCM Extended Warehouse Management-Extended Warehouse Management-Master Data- Define Storage Type

Capacity checking in putaway WT creation process:

Case 1: Without activating early capacity check

Case 2: Activating early capacity check


This functionality is same for SCM decentralized EWM and S/4 HANA embedded EWM environments.

Best Regards

C K Reddy