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I was looking at the DB procedure call APS_ORDER_GET_DATA in one of the gATP FMs /SAPAPO/OM_ORDER_GET_DATA to understand a bit more on the architecture. The above DB procedure simply fetches the data from the Live Cache. But, how does it do ? It makes a connection to your LC server and executes the above mentioned DB procedure in the LC to fetch the data from the memory. My understanding is this DB procedure would execute set of Native SQL scripts that can manipulate the data within the LC memory and give the results back to you. I was trying to look for some SAP notes if there is any tool that can trace the code in it. But, I couldn’t find any. (You’re welcome to share if you know….).  Now, the point is this looks close to what SAP is offering with AMDP (ABAP Managed Database Procedures ) on HANA. With AMDP, you can write your own DB procedures to run on that little XS server i.e., tightly coupled with HANA DB. Not sure if we will be able to manipulate the standard DB procedures using some “exits" in the future. The concept as such tells me that LC processing is one of the predecessors of HANA as it uses the in-memory processing engine. Just my thoughts !!