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In this blog post, we will learn how we can customize the EWM monitor according to enabled warehouse business processes.

Business case example: Customize the warehouse management monitor for your business-specific needs, example- if your warehouse does not have advance processes like labor management, warehouse Billing, MFS (Material flow system) and we do not want to show it to business users to make it more convenient to them, we can exclude those nodes from EWM warehouse monitor using customizing of warehouse monitor.

SAP has given more flexibility to EWM monitor where, we can create new node with user specific description using configuration and relevant functionality can be further achieved using backend development (this will not cover in this blog).

You can create a customized monitor by dragging and dropping category and object nodes from the pre-existing monitor (by default the standard SAP monitor) displayed on the left-hand side of the screen to your own new monitor on the right-hand side. The monitor on the right is blank by default, but you can change it to a previously customized monitor. You cannot change it to the standard SAP monitor.

Solution Approach:

SAP Standard Monitor view with standard variant.

Step 1: Go to Transaction /SCWM/MON

Enter your warehouse number and monitor as SAP (standard Variant)





As per enabled warehouse businesses process, we do not want to show’” Labor Management”, “Billing” and Material Flow system node to business users in EWM monitor.

Configuration Step

Step # 1

IMG Path – IMG Path –>SPRO –>IMG–>SCM Extended Warehouse Management–>Monitoring Process–> Warehouse Management Monitor–>Customize Monitor Tree


Step # 2 : Now drag selected node (right side one)which you want to add to custom monitor, according to your warehouse business processes and drop to left side icon"New monitor"  as shown below.


Step# 3: Click on the Save, then a popup box will be shown where warehouse number, custom variant name and description will be entered.


Press enter to save these changes to configuration transport (customizing transport request).

Step # 4: Assign the custom variant to user parameter so that when user open the /SCWM/MON then default assigned variant will be opened.



Step# 1 : Open Transaction /SCWM/MON

Now based on the user parameter value, it directly opens the monitor with variant:ZRETL


Step #2: Display outbound delivery, inbound delivery using custom monitor.



Inbound delivery:


This blog post walks you through various steps involved in configuration and testing of customizing of EWM monitor with test results.

Note: All above testing are done in S/4 embedded EWM 2021 release and there are several other nodes which can be further customize in EWM monitor.

!! Stay tuned for a coming blog with more details on EWM monitor node customizing.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello @Harish_SCM,

Thanks for sharing your experience to customize the Warehouse Management Monitor.

As an alternative, you could consider to work with inheritance in IMG activity Define Monitors. There you could specify that your custom monitor ZRETL shall be based on monitor SAP. By this all nodes and monitor methods will be available for your custom monitor.

Afterwards, you can drill down to Define Node Hierarchy for your custom monitor. There you specify that you do not want to see certain nodes (in your example top level nodes Labor Management and Material Flow System). This would mean adding the following two lines and ticking the checkbox to Hide Node:

  • ROOT C000000017
  • ROOT C000000019

A benefit of this approach would be that your custom monitor would still get updates provided by SAP with the next upgrade - as the custom monitor is still based on monitor SAP.

Best regards, Tobias


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Thanks@TobiasAdle for your addition on this topic.

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