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Recently I prototyped a somewhat below complex Inbound business requirement with the help of '' Cross delivery HU with unknown content and its amalgamation with POSC/LOSC

Multiple GR of manufacturing order from S/4 creates Inbound deliveries which is relevant for posting GR, moving into Room-I without HUS. Room-I will be used to create packing, HU creations, latter cross delivery HU will be moved to Room-II as HU. Once cross delivery HU reaches Room-II, it should decompose the final task as ''Product WT'' because final storage types are non HU managed and storage bin combination of 1 Product 1 batch storage.

It could have been very easy had we started packing, building HUs directly at Production Goods receipt zone, and calling 2 step LOSC. However, this compromised with actual business needs as ''HU life cycle starts at Room-I not at GR zone. So, the HU starting point is Room-I

To my curiosity, I conceptualized to work with Cross delivery HU with unknown content and combining this with POSC/LOSC, and it worked perfectly:-).

The idea is just to hook the Collective HU/ HU with UKC at Production GR zone so that process enters into POSC/LOSC arena. However, the actual HU packing starts at Room-I when phantom HU will be packed into real HU.

Multiple partial GR of manufacturing order created multiple IBDS, taking help of /SCWM/GR or /SCWMGRPE, we can build cross delivery HU with unknown content.


Phantom HU( Collective HU) is created which is now relevant for GR and WT processing.

GR of Cross delivery is posted, you need to post GR at cross delivery HU level, posting at header level gives error.

Once GR is posted, system creates task for Room-I( Settings in POSC), confirm the task, Cross delivery phantom HU is now at Room-I( T830 Work center)


Now, business starts packing here, so idea here is to repack Phantom HU( Collective HU) into Real HU( HU with UKC). One both deliveries are packed into real HU, phantom HU is deleted from system.

Here I put 2 POSC recursive PACK step( PAC as internal step), the reason, the first PACK step will allow to repack HU with unknown content and 2nd PAC will trigger ''Product WT'' FOR final Bin.

My 2 POSC steps are ZE01 and ZE02 both pointing towards ''PAC'' as internal step. Why I used first step as POSC because LOSC cannot be used for product modelling unless it is a pick point/ ID point. Since POSC can never be called inside LOSC, so my first step is POSC, latter you can call LOSC inside POSC.


The closure of HU at ZE01( Room-I) created HU task. Confirm this task and HU is moved to Room-II.

Final closure of Room-II HU decomposed the HU and created product WT.


Final putaway  can be triggered by scanning HU labels, and putting into the final Bin.

Hence 2 different IBDs were packed into 1 HU making it as cross delivery HU and finally decomposing it into product WT as 1 Bin can only contain 1 Product 1 batch.


Other solutions/ Work around

  1. Directly create Handling units in Production Goods receipt zone and call 2 step LOSC, triggering 2 HU task and 1 Product WT. But this will compromise with actual business requirement where HU building starts at Room-I.

2. Call POSC HU with UKC, Pack(IPK1) and IB03 Putaway. In between IPK1( Room-I) and final           Bin( IB03, call LOSC. ( Though it did not work me :))


Hope you liked the blog:) Appreciate your reply.


PS: All testing is performed in S/4 HANA Sandbox 1709 system.