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SAP provides a lot of standard heuristics for planning under APO Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling module. But you have an option to create your own heuristics. In this blog post we shall quickly go through the process of how to create your own custom heuristics.

In APO either go to transaction /sapapo/cdpsc11 directly or else go through following path:

Advance Planner and Optimization --> Supply Chain Planning --> Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS) --> Heuristics --> Maintain Heuristics

It will show you the standard heuristics list.

Click on “New Entries” button. It will open a new screen for you where you can maintain lots of details as follows:

In the “Other Heuristics” field you can select from the available options as follows depending on the business need:

“Reuse mode” has following options:

The field “Degree of Fineness for Run time Statistics” is the value that defines for which products the system records an entry in the runtime statistics when planning with the heuristic. An entry is made for each multiple of this value.

You can use the custom heuristics along with all the settings available on the screen for your advantage depending on the business case. For example, top down Heuristics or the other way round depending on the business case.

- Rahul