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Today I want to share my experience about manual inbound delivery creation in EWM without jumping to ERP.

Normally Inbound delivery will be created from ECC and flow to EWM and we can do vice versa also.If we create inbound delivery from EWM, system attempts to invoke transaction VL60 in the ERP system.

Go to Transaction code: /SCWM/PRDI and press create button in EWM system.

Immediately it jumps to VL60 in ERP from EWM as below screen

Sometimes requirement might be not to enter or jump into ERP for creating inbound delivery from EWM . We can avao


For this SAP has given good BADI to deactivate the automatic jump to the ERP system. In doing so, you ensure that inbound deliveries or inbound delivery items are no longer entered in the ERP system via transaction VL60, but always locally in the EWM user interface /SCWM/PRDI.

Goto  : EWM->BADI->Interfaces->ERP Integration->Delivery Processing -> Control for Invocation of ERP Inbound Delivery Transaction.

Implement the above BADI and code as below

Now Goto - /SCWM/PRDI and press create button

   You can now see that inbound delievery is getting created without going to ERP...

Hope it is useful to all of  you... :smile: