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RECONCILIATION report is used to compare APO transaction data with ECC transaction data through active integration model.


  • Check whether Integration model for the transaction data like Planned order , production order, Stock and etc. for the material are active or not
  • Check for saved queues in ECC for any queues stuck in ECC. (SMQ2 & SMQ3)
  • Check for saved queues in APO for any queues stuck in APO. (SMQ2 & SMQ3)
  • Now you can analyze the error in RECONCILIATION for getting the inconsistencies.

Most Common Root Cause:

  1. 1. When 'someone' deletes blocked queues, rather than first resolving the root cause and then re-processing the queues.
  2. 2. Inappropriate or missing master data
  3. 3.      When the connectivity between ECC and SCM fails.

Some More Important point:

In RECONCILIATION report it may be confused by seeing there some internal number issue and external number related issue.

Internal number = created in SCM, but not yet published to ECC.

External number = created in ECC, and published to SCM

Orders that are created within SCM (such as planned orders) initially are created with an internal order number, using an SCM number range.  If these orders are published to ECC, the order is then duplicated in ECC.  This new ECC order contains an order number generated by ECC, using an ECC number range. Once this order is bounced back to SCM, the original SCM order (with the internal number) is replaced by the new order that was created in ECC.

Change Pointers in RECONCILIATION:

  1. 1. Orders once deleted in APO will have change pointer-> R

  1. 2. Orders created in APO which has to flow to R3 will be having change pointers-> C

  1. 3. Orders newly created in APO which has to flow to R3 will be having change pointers-> N

     Icons in RECONCILIATION Screen

  • Push to APO
  • Push to R/3
  • Delete in APO
  • Delete in R/3
  • Change pointer with symbol X

Types of RECONCILIATION Inconsistencies

  1. 1.      Not in integration model
  2. 2.      Missing in R/3 without external Key
  3. 3.      Not in R/3 with external key
  4. 4.      Not in APO
  5. 5.      Difference in content

Not in Integration Model

Cause- >

  1. 1. Selection condition of data not activate in integration model
  2. 2. Check for Active model exists or not for plant, material, PPM/PDS, Work center (CFM5)
  3. 3. Check active integration model exists for planned orders/ production orders, purchase orders/purchase requisitions etc
  4. 4. Try creating a manual orders in RRP3 transaction and check orders is getting populated.


  1. 1. Ask the Business user why they need forecast for those SKU as they are added in exclusion list.
  2. 2. If it is really needed for business, then add the object to the active IM.

Missing in R/3 Without External Key


  1. 1. If Change pointers exist that means after Manual heuristic  run in APO, user have forgotten  to send the change pointers to R/3.( after heuristic C/5 has not done)
  2. 2. If change pointers not exist then there may be Queue stuck in R/3 inbound related to the transaction data (Check for Purchase /MRP views of SKU/ Accounting views) .


  1. 1. Select orders with change pointer C, select change pointer icon X and do the iteration. This will publish the orders in R3 and will return back to APO
  2. IF no change pointers nit exist then may be queue stuck, correct master data...

Missing in R/3 with External Key


  1. 1. The deletion indicator have not moved to APO
  2. 2. Check whether the planned orders exist in R/3? They may have been manually deleted or goods movement process has already been done respect to the planned order.
  3. 3. Queue stuck in APO inbound related to the transaction data

  Action-> Press the deletion indicator to delete in APO

Missing in APO :

Root Cause:

  1. 1. Planned has been deleted after the heuristic run but stuck in the queue

Schedule line does not exist in APO. Ex:  the PR has been deleted and not passed to R/3 but at the mean time the system created another PR for the demand on the SKU.This error can occurred if PO stuck up in the inbound queue to R/3 system & RECONCILIATION process is not followed properly for sending PO to R/3


  1. 1. If planning has been donefrom APO side , then delete the orders from ECC. Don't send the orders to APO.

Difference in Content

1. APO requirements quantity  different to ECC req. quantity .

2. APO requirements date  different to ECC req. date

Different types of error code different types of schedule lines , and different types of issue...