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Exception handling in SAP EWM is such a powerful tool that lot of business requirement can be easily mapped without using any enhancements. SAP EWM uses Exception codes which are called in event driven transaction like during Picking confirmation of Warehouse task, during confirming Putaway WT, or during internal Warehouse Transfer posting.

Exception codes can be called for Desktop transaction as well as RF transaction. This blog will deal with only Desktop transaction exception handling case.

Business Scenario

Batch determination is directly taking place at time of Warehouse task creation in EWM system and batches are asynchronously updated in ERP delivery document. However, sometimes business wants to change the Batch A to Batch B during WT confirmation. In this case, SAP EWM Exception Code ''CHBA'' needs to be used.


Customizing and Set Up

  1. In customizing Extended Warehouse Management-->Cross-Process Settings-->Exception Handling-->Define Exception Codes


The Exception Code ''CHBA'' needs to be assigned the respective Warehouse.


2. It is utmost important that Code CHBA needs to be available at Business context TPI.




Business context TPI and execution Step 02 which is for desktop transaction needs to have CHBA exception code


3)  In customizing, below values needs to be assigned for step 02 with business context.




Replication Steps:

  1. Create an outbound delivery against a sales order.

Batch field is empty. It is only updated after Picking WT confirmation



2) The delivery is distributed in EWM system and can be seen in PRDO


Due to PPF action, Automatic WT is created so, we follow the above step



It can be seen that WO is created and Batch 0000000010 is picked,


But our requirement is to change this Batch with other existing Batch number available in storage BIN.


3) Check the monitor screen to have a look on Batch wise stock situation in the required storage bin

It can be observed that in storage bin 01-04-3, two batches are available. So, we will try to change batch 0000000010  to batch 0000000036 in Warehouse task during confirmation.


4)  Display Warehouse task, click on ''Confirm in Foreground Mode''




5)  Once the above field is clicked, the batch field becomes editable



Batch field is editable now and existing batches are available.


6)  Now, change the batch and click on ''Confirm+Save'' button


An error is being triggered which says change is possible with exception code. So, we need to use CHBA exception code


7)  Assign the code



So, the required batch is updated and Warehouse material document is created.


8) Check the delivery number in ERP, batch is updated.




Hence, the topic of Batch change during warehouse task confirmation is finished. In my next, blog I will write on more advanced scenarios of exception handling in SAP EWM.


Best regards

Shailesh Mishra