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New Feature with S/4HANA 2022-Capacity Document Creation Settings

With SAP S/4HANA release 2022, SAP has introduced the Capacity Document Creation Settings which helps for the determination of the document type during the planning. This setting reduces the number of sections from the planning profile tab and clubs attributes for the document type determination under new separate settings.

This setting allows to specify the below different rules for the determination of the document types: -

  • Category Default: Default Freight Order type specified in the configuration.
  • Defined per category:  Freight Order type for different categories can be specified with this option.
  • Condition Based: Condition with type /SCMTMS/TOR_TYPE for document type determination.


Before 2022 version, all these attributes used to be under Default Business Document Type section under the planning profile tab. When the System upgrade will happen to SAP S/4HANA release 2022, Capacity Document Creation Settings will be created automatically with the same name of the planning profile based on the settings maintained in the planning profile and will be assigned automatically to the respective planning profile.


The different ways for creating the Capacity Document Creation Settings are as below:-

  • Manually from the Planning Profile (new or with copy option)
  • Using “Create Capacity Document Creation Settings” Fiori Tiles
  • Planning Profile Settings - Worklist



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Excelent, thanks for sharing.

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