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Here I Explained Bin to Bin Stock Transfer in SAP Warehouse Management Systems using Transaction Code LT10.

Transaction Code: LT10

  1. Enter the Warehouse Number, Storage Type, Storage Bin and Movement Type.
  2. Select the stock transfer view as you (Generally it’s in the Quant based view, if you want to change you can change).
  3. Select the Quants inside the bins (in this case the bin as double deep bin).

There are two ways to execute the command (either in the background or foreground mode).

The first button is stock transfer background and second is stock transfer foreground.

Stock Transfer Background:

In this background process can’t choose the destination storage type, storage bin. The system will automatically find the appropriate storage bin based on storage type search & storage sections and storage bin type search. The Transfer Order will confirm based on the Warehouse Movement type configuration.

Transfer Order Details:

Stock Transfer Foreground:

In this mode you can choose the Destination Storage Type, Storage Bin, and Warehouse Management Movement Type and TO confirmation option (whether it will confirm immediately or create open transfer order).

Now the transfer order was created to the mentioned destination storage bin.


Ramesh N

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