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SAP IBP Custom Algorithmic Key Figures Solution for FORECAST CONSUMPTION, with a “BACKLOG” 🏃

퐒퐀퐏 퐈퐁퐏 퐂퐮퐬퐭퐨퐦 퐀퐥퐠퐨퐫퐢퐭퐡퐦퐢퐜 퐊퐞퐲 퐅퐢퐠퐮퐫퐞퐬 퐒퐨퐥퐮퐭퐢퐨퐧 퐟퐨퐫 퐅퐎퐑퐄퐂퐀퐒퐓 퐂퐎퐍퐒퐔퐌퐏퐓퐈퐎퐍, 퐰퐢퐭퐡 퐚 “퐁퐀퐂퐊퐋퐎퐆”  퐚퐧퐝 퐨퐭퐡퐞퐫 퐚퐝퐯퐚퐧퐭퐚퐠퐞퐬 Would you like to learn about the advantage of a “Backlog”  when doing Forecast Consumption in SAP IBP?Would you like to understand the...

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