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In this blog, I would like to present the best supply chain management software to effectively drive business process and its improvements.

Supply Chain Management (SCM), the management of the flow of goods and services, involves the movement and storage of raw materials, of work-in-process inventory, and of finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. Interconnected or interlinked networks, channels and node businesses combine in the provision of products and services required by end customers in a supply chain. Supply-chain management has been defined as the "design, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of supply chain activities with the objective of creating net value, building a competitive infrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics, synchronizing supply with demand and measuring performance globally.

Gartner August 2018 Supply Chain planning Results

Here are the supply chain management software based on application features. I have detailed about a few applications in this blog and not covered all of them.

  • SAP

  • Oracle

  • JDA

  • Infor Global Solutions

  • Manhattan Associates

  • Kinaxis

  • Demand Solutions

  • HighJump

  • E2open

  • Logility

  • Basware

  • Coupa Software

  • Descartes Systems Group

  • Epicor Software Corporation

  • SPS Commerce, Inc.

  • Dassault Systemes

  • OM Partners

  • GAIN Systems


SAP is named and best supply chain management software in terms of integration and latest features from Integration Business Planning (IBP) application.

IBP applications consist of five modules.

  1. Sales & Operations Planning

  2. Demand Planning

  3. Inventory Planning

  4. Supply and Response Planning

  5. Supply Chain Control Tower.

Respond to new market expectations with real-time supply chain planning capabilities.

Fulfill future demand profitably with real-time supply chain management. Powered by in-memory computing technology within SAP HANA, this cloud-based solution combines capabilities for sales and operations; demand, response, and supply planning; and inventory optimization.

  • Cloud deployment

  • Real-time scenarios and simulation

  • Social collaboration

  • Powerful predictive analytics

Key Benefits:

  • Achieve a rapid deployment - Get up and running quickly with SAP Integrated Business Planning by using preconfigured process templates for accelerated implementation.

  • Empower employees with intuitive features - Offer a unified, intuitive user experience with SAP Fiori and planning and simulation capabilities based on Microsoft Excel.

  • Plan resources effectively - Optimise resource efficiency by creating supply plans based on prioritized demands, allocations, and supply chain constraints.


Supply chain rules are changing. Increased buyer expectation, shorter product lifecycles, new regulations and fluctuating demand are testing the limits of traditional supply chains. Oracle SCM Cloud enables businesses to manage their supply chains with the scale, security, innovation and agility that modern markets require.

Better Results, Faster, with Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud

Truly digital planning should seamlessly connect your entire organization for end-to-end visibility while resolving issues in a timely manner. Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud aligns planning across all supply chain management operations with best-in-class functionality supporting demand management, sales and operations planning, and supply planning.

  • Respond faster—and more effectively—to drive improvement in growth, cost management, and customer-service metrics

  • Empower planners to shape business outcomes with a modern and configurable user experience

  • Utilize the power of the cloud to support a mobile and global workforce.

Oracle supply chain planning consists of six applications.

  1. Demand Management

  2. Sales & Operations Planning

  3. Supply and Distribution Planning

  4. Supply Chain Collaboration and Visibility

  5. Global Order Promising

  6. Promotions Planning


JDA’s AI-powered Supply Chain Management Platform. The autonomous supply chain is here to deliver on demand, navigate disruptions months in advance and keep your business ahead of market sea changes. Start making yours a reality and make supply chain decisions with exacting precision with JDA’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) Platform. 

As the industry’s first development platform, the JDA SCM Platform focuses on navigating complex, end-to-end supply chain challenges in the digital age by tapping into the power of Blue Yonder artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) optimization.

Operating a high-performing, always-on digital supply chain is the ultimate balancing act. Global resources, materials and assets must be optimized and continually adjusted in real time as changes or disruptions to manufacturing plans inevitably occur. JDA’s Manufacturing Planning solution can help you profitably address this supply chain complexity with our industry-leading capabilities for demand planning, inventory optimization, enterprise supply planning, order promising, factory planning and sequencing, and sales and operations planning.

JDA offers the following solutions

  1. Demand Planning

  2. Enterprise Supply Planning

  3. Factory Planning & Sequencing

  4. Inventory Optimization

  5. Luminate Control Tower

  6. Luminate Demand Edge

  7. Network Design & Optimization

  8. Order Promising

  9. Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Infor Global Solutions

Infor is a global leader in business cloud software products for companies in industry-specific markets. Infor builds complete industry suites in the cloud and efficiently deploys technology that puts the user experience first, leverages data science, and integrates easily into existing systems.

Connect your entire supply chain network with Infor Supply Chain Management cloud software.

The intelligent supply chain Infor supply chain management products provide unparalleled visibility and collaboration capabilities, from planning to execution to connecting with your entire network of trading partners. Designed for industry, this comprehensive set of supply chain software provides a solution to help run your end-to-end operations, no matter where you’d like to start.

Supply Chain Management Suite supports the following solutions

  1. Supply Chain Planning

  2. Procure-to-Pay Automation

  3. Supply Chain Finance

  4. Supply Management

  5. Supply Chain Visibility

  6. Distributed Order Management

Features & Benefits

Intelligent Supply Chain solution automates processes

Intelligent supply chain applications automate key processes from planning, through execution, to final settlement. Advanced algorithms, optimization engines, and machine learning connect digital information about the supply chain to the physical world, helping businesses make better decisions.

Modern architecture, built for the cloud

Infor supply chain management applications are built with usability, scalability, and interconnectivity in mind. Engineered with modern architecture and deployed in the cloud, these Infor solutions grow with your business, powering digital transformation and multi-enterprise connectivity along the way.

The largest network

When 80% of your supply chain data lives with your trading partners, one-to-one information sharing models don't work. Infor solutions connect thousands of buyers, suppliers, banks, carriers, and 3PLs on a single, powerful, cloud-based platform that supports more than $500 billion in annual commerce.

Manhattan Associates


Manhattan Associates gives you complete supply chain visibility to do whatever you do, better. Our industry-leading supply chain, inventory and omnichannel solutions are all backed by unmatched expertise and customer service. Streamline operations. Drive profitability. Every order, every day.

Manhattan active solutions

  1. Manhattan Active Inventory

  2. Manhattan Active OMNI

  3. Manhattan Active Supply Chain

Manhattan Active Inventory allows you to finally achieve a single, holistic view of all aspects of your inventory strategy. From annual financial planning to daily replenishment reordering to periodic enterprise alignment of the plan, Manhattan Active Inventory provides the tools you need to ensure your inventory investment strategies are generating the maximum value and returns, to Push Possible® for your enterprise.

Manhattan’s Active Supply Chain suite of solutions allow enterprises to optimize large and complex operations, adapt to market and demand changes, and iterate and innovate at speed. By using our active solutions, an enterprise has technology that is always current, seamlessly interconnected, runs anywhere, and is easily adaptable.


Supply chains are complex and unpredictable. Last-minute opportunities. Unexpected threats. Day-to-day disruptions. All add to the volatility we face every day. Keeping customers happy has never been harder. Kinaxis helps you overcome all that.

Community + Technique + Platform

Kinaxis gives you the confidence to know you’re making the best decisions in time to make a difference. Plan for any future. Monitor risks and opportunities. Respond at the pace of change. We solve complex supply chain problems in easy-to-understand ways by combining human and machine intelligence.

Integrated supply chain planning, visibility and response

Unify your supply chain planning

Using a single planning platform, Kinaxis streamlines processes, breaks down silos and lets you plan concurrently for every part of your supply chain – from sales and operations planning (S&OP) to demand, inventory, supply, capacity, machine learning and more. The result? Happier customers, lower costs and less risk.

Make more profitable supply chain decisions

Kinaxis brings your data, processes and people into alignment. Our concurrent planning technique takes you beyond the disconnected, cascaded processes of the past so you can manage today's supply chain volatility. Know sooner. Act Faster. And make more profitable decisions.

Kinaxiz offers the following solutions

  1. Sales & Operations Planning

  2. Demand Planning

  3. Inventory Planning

  4. Supply Planning

  5. Capacity Planning

  6. Machine Learning

Demand Solutions

Demand Solutions has been providing software for the full spectrum of supply chain management – inventory planning, sales & operations planning (S&OP), demand planning and forecasting, collaboration, inventory optimization and replenishment, advanced planning & scheduling and retail planning. Our products are affordable, easy to implement, easy to use and deliver fast ROI.

Demand Solutions software helps enterprises of all sizes reach their planning goals.

Our products enable companies to:

  • Improve fill rates

  • Increase inventory turns

  • Optimize inventory

  • Increase inventory planning accuracy

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Create greater efficiencies

  • Unlock profit potential through improved demand planning

  • Assist with sales & operations planning

Demand solution offers the following solutions.

  1. DSX Overview

  2. Demand Optimization

  3. Supply Optimization

  4. Manufacturing Optimization

  5. Collaboration

  6. Data Visualization

  7. Workflow Optimization

  8. IBP/S&OP


Supply Chain Management. Flexible Solutions and Powerful SCM Software Tools to Help Manage All Aspects of the Supply Chain Management Process.

The world of supply chain management is a complex place requiring careful organization, structuring, and monitoring. Businesses in need of inventory management often find that maintaining inventory control is one of the most difficult tasks of warehouse and supply management. Inventory loss accounts for billions of lost dollars in the supply chain industry every year. With most companies operating on slim profit margins and rising shipping and transportation costs, inventory loss can become a critical problem for supply chain management companies.

Additionally, many companies now require more access to data and supply chain analytics in order to improve their decision-making. In the past, shipping data and commerce trends could be reviewed after the fact to help monitor and alter critical decision-making. Today, however, the speed of business requires that businesses have real-time solutions for logistics and supply chain management.


Plan Your Business with E2open. Take the next step forward to better plan your business. Wherever you are in your supply chain journey, E2open’s strategic platform has the breadth to meet your immediate needs and the depth to grow with you—through the digital transformation of your business and your entire business ecosystem.

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP)

Achieve consistently profitable, execution-ready plans that balance demand, supply and financial goals to facilitate consensus across internal and external stakeholders.

Demand Planning

Anticipate, understand and shape demand with collaborative workflows, machine learning algorithms and automation, powered by information from across all sales channels.

Distribution Planning

Profitably fulfill customer demand with efficient replenishment plans for each location across the entire network, ensuring continuous availability and minimizing costs.

Allocation and Order Promising

Commit with confidence, and maximize sales and profit opportunities with feasible allocation plans based on actual materials availability and manufacturing capacity.

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO)

Optimize materials and finished goods at all stocking echelons in the value chain, from internal operations to supplier and channel ecosystems.


The digital economy requires an intuitive supply chain. Logility Voyager Solutions™ offer the best of cognitive planning systems so that you can get the most out of your supply chain efforts. Focus on a new vision for your business with a platform that leverages algorithmic planning to model and analyze business opportunities while mitigating the associated risks.

  • Augment human insight to gauge actual versus planned supply chain activity

  • Get smarter over time with machine learning that interrogates big data for better predictions based on performance

  • Use demand sensing to add short-term refinement to long-term supply chain planning

  • Automate activities related to demand, replenishment and availability with IoT sensors

Think product design through vendor onboarding and compliance tracking. Shift to forecasting, sourcing and production. Look at positioning raw materials or bringing together components from multiple sources, even consider factors like seasonality and capacity. Then move orders into worldwide omnichannels, including distribution centers, stores, or front doors. That’s the power of a digital supply chain in action.

  1. Advanced Analytics

  2. Integrated Business Planning

  3. Demand Optimization

  4. Inventory Optimization

  5. Supply Optimization

Best Regards,