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Advanced Shipping and Receiving, this functionality with SAP S/4HANA simplifies the use of SAP TM with Basic EWM functionality.

As a SAP consultant when we activate the Delivery integration with SAP EWM the Transportation Planning Type determined by the system restricts the system to proceed with Activities such as Loading without Transportation Unit. Till rollout of this functionality if Transportation Unit functionality was not used then we need to use enhancement in the BADI /SCWM/EX_ERP_MAPIN_OD_SAVEREPL to change the ODO Header Transportation Planning Status


Now to enable the system to allow EWM to proceed with the EWM activities without Transportation Unit being sent across from Transportation System i.e. SAP TM. We could use the Freight Order from SAP TM system this functionality is provided by Advance Shipping and Receiving system.

This functionality would require some configuration in the system

  1. Activation of the Shipping Point Location type for ASR



  1. Change of the Status Profile on the EWM ODO Type and ITEM Type as the system standard status profile would have Status DTU active which would not allow to proceed with Assignment of TU in EWM.



  • Here we need to De- Activate the Status DTU must be inactive, as EWM directly communicates with SAP TM's freight order object.
  • Status DSH and DTD must be active.


Once this configuration are in place the Outbound Delivery Order would have Transportation Planning Status as F which would allow to Proceed in EWM with TM Freight Order for the Warehouse process

Like Picking, GI ,Loading on the Truck.


Testing Step

  1. Create Sales Order


2. Create Delivery

Arjun_Mukherjee_7-1713956585207.png3. Plan the Delivery in SAP TM

4.Perform the Warehouse Activities like Picking via Warehouse Task, Confirmation of Warehouse Task, Perform GI

5. The Activities such as Setting Execution Status , and PGI can be done via App Load and Unload Freight Orders





  • The freight order can contain both EWM-managed and IM-managed storage locations, for example at a production location, and the two storage locations can share a loading point.

  • The Advanced Shipping and Receiving process is based on the TM freight order and doesn’t use the EWM transportation unit (TU) or the EWM vehicle


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Hi Arjun,
Thanks for sharing your insights.
As an addition please note following.
SAP delivers BC sets for ASR with corresponding document types and relevant profiles:



If you use these you can reuse standard profiles or copy from these.


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