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In this blog, we will discuss the step-by-step process to add a Standard field/ custom field to the standard SD Migration cockpit templates.  

Eg: While uploading the Open Sales orders Header currency field won’t be there, so to change the currency we can add the currency field to the template and upload. Along with the Currency field, we will add the below fields as well.

  1. Header Data – Shipping type, Currency Key, Your reference.
  2. Item Data - Sales Unit, Item Number of the Underlying PO, Storage Location


  1. Create a Project (Migrate using Staging Tables) to upload Sales orders.


  1. Input Project Name. Search and Select the Migration object SO- Sales order (Only open SO) to upload Sales orders and Save.


2.Goto LTMOM tcode, Select the project created and go to edit mode.


3. Select Source Structures and select Header data on the right screen. Click on highlighted Add Field to add the custom fields in the template.


4.Add the required fields like shown below.


5. Similarly, add other fields to corresponding source structures.


6.Once all the required fields are added, the field mapping is to be performed (The added fields are to be linked to the corresponding target structure fields (FM field)). Goto Field Mapping and on the right side the Target structures will be displayed. Drag the added field from the source structure and map the same to the corresponding field in Target Structure. Follow the same process and link all the added fields.

Note: All the fields which we are adding should be available in the source structure.  





M Tharun Kumar


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