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Workflow Stuck

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Dear All,

We are facing strange problem in CLM and this is happening on random basis only in live environment. (Not in Quality or Development)

Some times approval workflow for contract documents get stuck. By stuck I mean,

a.) Owner of contract document is not able to cancel the workflow.

b.) Though approver approves the contract document, but still it shows as pending for approval with user (While there is nothing in the "Current Approval")

c.) approval item does not goes to next level.

Basically workflow is stuck or completely hanged and only option left is to unlock workflow item (Using Script : This is specially developed for unlocking the stuck workflow items.) after unlocking contract document phase is moved back to internal review and then to Approval phase.

We are not even able to track the hanged workflows, As there is nothing in "Pending Daemon Events" for this.

Let me know if anybody is facing such issue. If yes let me know if there is any way, we can avoid this.



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We are also facing the same issue.

Have you guys found a way to handle this or still issue exists?

Appreciate your response.