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Workflow not triggered automatically

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We are using the N step Approval BADI workflow(Ws14000133) on SRM 4.0.The problem we are facing is that the Workflow is not getting trigggered for some SC's.ALso when it gets triggered for some SC's ,there is a considerable delay.

We have checked all the relevant customising settings(SWU3),Event linkages,binding etc.The start conditions are not there for this Workflow.

Secondly,we have succesfully tested the manual triggering of the Workflow(SWUE).But the automatic triggering of the Workflow when the SC is created is not happening.

Any suggestions will be appreciated and rewarded.



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Answers (3)

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What is the reason for you not having a start condition for this ?

What messages do you get for the carts that do not trigger the workflow?



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Let me know the following things.

1) can you compare the shopping carts for which workflow is triggered and shopping cart for which workflow is not triggered. do you see any difference in the workflow log.

if the workflow is not triggered , what do you see for the shopping cart in the workflow log?

is the status of the worrkflow log red?

2) do you see the container update happening correctly for all the shopping carts , can you check wether the approval agents are added correctly to the container?

3) can you check wether this issue happens for certain employees who create the shopping cart (or) for all the employees?

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Check if the Job "SWFSLSDLEX" is running in the SM37, if any issue with the Job, then work with Basis team to increase number of background processors.

Thank you

Sreedhar Vetcha