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Workflow Email notification in CP

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We implemented Ariba with Central Procurement (3EN integration scenario). Central Procurement will be a hub system with 2 backend connected systems. I this scenario, only the PR creation is taking place in Ariba, and all follow up places will take place in Central Procurement.

Therefore, after the purchase requisition is created in Ariba and transferred for processing and approval in Central Procurement, we would like to send an email notification to the PR requester in case of approval or rejection via the Maintain Email Templates app (F1306) in central procurement.

We have created custom templates to send email notifications in case of (PO rejection, PO fully approved, PR rejection and PR fully approved) but the problem was that the WF initiator for PR/PO (the user who creates the PR/PO) is the technical user (CPI) and not the PR requester who created the PR in Ariba. So, the emails were not sent to the requesters but to the technical user.

How can it be achieved that the requester (Dialog User) gets the Email notification?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi dear colleague,

I recommend to explore some BadI that could cover this scenario, reach out more info in the link below.

SAP Business Accelerator Hub



Julio C.