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Which purchasing org is being used in SC creation - local or backend?

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Hi guys.

SRM 4.0, server 5.0, ECS.

When creating the SC in SRM, the local purchasing organization from PPOMA (flagged as pur org but with no backend specifications) is used - how does this local pur org get changed to the corresponding backend purchasing organization (flagged as pur org with backend specified in PPOMA)?

My org structure:


Company 1 (flagged as company)

> LOCAL purchasing org (flagged as pur org, but no backend)

> LOCAL purchasing group (flagged as pur grp but no backend)

> Users

> Approvers

> BACKEND purchasing org (flagged as pur org, and backend plus backend org specified)

> BACKEND purchasing group (flagged as pur grp plus backend plus backend pur grp specified)

Again: When creating the SC, the LOCAL pur org is being used, so how is this being determined to belong to the BACKEND purchasing org unit? I am having issues where several different purchasing orgs and groups are responsible for each other, and it seems to be rather coincidential which pur org is used - I would suppose that when the LOCAL is used, the corresponding BACKEND will be chosen.


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Answers (5)

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Please review the note 624172. It describes how it works.

Kind regards,


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I know this is an old thread, but I also have the same question. Could anyone familiar respond.

"How is the Purchasing Org determined for a PO when all users are in the Local Purchasing Org for extended scenario". We are running SRM 6.


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Kindly check if the badi BBP_PGRP_ASSIGN_BADI was implemented to change the logic.


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We have the same scenario you explained in your posting. Have you been able to determine which purchasing org/ purchasing group is used? If so, can you please share the resolution?

Thank you,


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I think the purch. org of backend is being taken according to the plant or location, I mean the purch org assigned to the plant in the backend.

I hope this helps you