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What is the purpose of production, SRM, BI systems when we will use this system

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How it will be useful & when we will use this system & why most of the people use production system not quality??

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HI Kavya

Question is quite vague

Specific system are used as business requires that functionality

They could be 2 tier Dev - Prod or 3 Tier landscape Dev -QA - prod

Dev = Development

Q for replicating issues from prod and doing Final testing before sending to Prod

Prod for users to carry out the work in a live scenario

You can find more answers on SDN if you look for 2 tier vs 3 tier



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Well, the main point of implementing any ERP software is to use it productively 🙂

Development systems are for introducing new features, QAS is for the business or the test team to validate the features and the productive systems is where you actually use the functionality with real data.