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What is the interface of webservice for exposing OCI 5.0 data?

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I want to replicate catalog data to S/4HANA for SAP Purchase Requisition application.

I have read the document "S4HANA_SSP_Config_CookbookV6.pdf" which describes in detail the configuration.

I've also read: Configuration for OCI 5.0 and OCI 4.0 in the S/4HANA Cloud Essentials
Everything is clear on the SAP side.

But now comes the suppliers’ part. I must ask the supplier to expose a webservice that S/4 could call, but I'm not able to find any technical specification of that webservice. There is another SAP document "Open Catalog Interface (OCI).pdf", but it also doesn't contain the specification.

What the method names and parameters should be? How do you deal with it?

Should I provide the specification to the supplier or maybe the OCI 5.0 is such a common standard, that most of the supplier’s ERP systems will have this webservice build in?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rafal,

is the mentioned "Open Catalog Interface (OCI).pdf" the following documentaiton?

This pdf contains all necessary specification what a catalog should "understand".

From SAP side we send the required data in a POST or GET method, which contains the logon information and also a HOOK_URL where the catalog should send back the item data after checkout.

While checking out items the catalog should send back the data in a NEW_ITEM table to the URL sent in the HOOK_URL.

In this wiki page you can find more information:

It is created for SRM Application but ECC uses the same standard.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


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