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Vendor Replication For Multiple Vendor Groups

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Hi Guru,

We do have multiple vendor group created in PPOSV_BBP. When we do manual replication, we can replicate the vendors successfully by BBPGETVD since we manually place the specific object ID from vendor groups that we created. However running the background job, BBP_VENDOR_SYNC the vendors successfully replicated but it does not went to the correct node.

It always went through the node which we maintain in Define Global Settings. Is there a way that we can correct wherein the vendors for PORG1 will go to Vendor Group1 while PORG2 will go the Vendor Group 2, etc?

If vendors of PORG2 will be replicated and be placed in Vendor Group1, will there be impact?

Thanks and Regards,


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Hi Sherwin,

vendors replicated with BBP_VENDOR_SYNC will always be placed into the vendor group specified in the customizing you mentioned, regardless which PORG you assigned them in the backend. This cannot be changed unfortunately. Vendor groups are created so that you can assign different attributes to a group of vendors, like accounting system, company code, etc. If the vendors are from the same backend these attributes will most probably be the same for all your vendor groups regardless of PORG assignment, so there should be no impact whether the vendor is assigned to the "wrong" vendor group. Otherwise if this is not suitable for you, you could turn of the option that new vendors are replicated with BBP_VENDOR_SYNC, replicate the new vendors with BBPGETVD only so that they are assigned to the vendor group desired and then sync the changes with BBP_VENDOR_SYNC.



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Thank you very much Zoltan for your response.