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uploading XML schema to SAP SRMMDM catalog

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Recently, we have added new fields to our catalog (images, and hyperlinks).

I am trying to upload contract item XML file (the standard operation), and I get an error message: "SRM_MDM_CatalogTransmit_MT.row.hyperlink is mapped but not defined in the xml schema.

I tried to upload new XML schema (XSD type) using the import manager with the following setting:

Type: XML Schema
Remote System: MDM

XML Schema: Z_MARKET_KANYAN_SERVICES (we have created a new XML Schema at the console with that name)

File Name: link to the XSD schema. the same link that we entered at the console.

Root: SRM_MDM_catalog_Transmit_MT

But i get an error massage: "Logon:Error: Source file does not confirm to XML Schema. Element <schema> not found in the xml schema.

does anyone has an idea how to upload the XML schema?

Thank you,


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Hi Yaron,
The issue can be caused by several problems. Please check the following KBAs for possible solution:

1647447-source file does not fit XML Schema
2123026-Unable to open an XML in Import Manager