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Unit of Measure not defined error while raising a PR

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Hi gurus,

We have embarked on migrating from CI9 to CIG based integration for our Ariba Buyer portal. However, while performing regression testing, we are encountering the below error messages:

The following errors were received from the external system:
E : No instance of object type PurchaseRequisition has been created. External reference: # 1

E : Unit of measure PCE not defined (please check your input)

I have checked the Unit of measure (PCE) by exporting the UOM values & found that the value PCE exists in the export file:

It was also confirmed that the UOM PCE is mapped to itself in the UOM mapping CSV file:

Further, the UOM PCE also appears for selection in the drop-down list while creating a PR.

Can you please advise why this error is getting generated.

Kindly advise.



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello sameer_kadam_mb ,

I assume, that this error is being raised from the integrated in the ECC or S/4HANA system, also visible in SRT_MONI.

Please check two things:

  1. What is the setup of the UOMs (T006/T006A) in your ERP system - Depending on 2. there should be an entry in T006/T006A for PCE
  2. Check in which language the interface user for Ariba is set up in your ERP system. In case PCE is meant to be EN, the interface user should also be EN
  3. In your last screenshot (mapping of PCE to PCE), I'm wondering, why this is not set to preferred? In my opinion this flag should be set. If it's not, is there another mapping for PCE with the preferred flag?

Without having the chance to look into the system, it's tricky to help. Above points should at least guide you in the correct direction.