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Unified Key Mapping Service for Central Procurement

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Hi, All.

In terms of Central Purchase Contracts (2ME) there is a section on setting up the key mapping for suppliers. My presumption here is that we will need to create the supplier in our Central Procurement Hub System, can anyone confirm?

If this is true then do we need to then configure the company codes/plants to allow creation of Business Partner for connected system entities.

If anyone has done this configuration details on what you did would be very helpful.



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Hi Tom,

Supplier mapping makes it possible to avoid the need of transferring all suppliers from connected system to the central system. Using this mapping you can let the system know, which supplier it should use during contract distribution. For example, the supplier number in central system is X, but the same supplier (which has been already configured and used in connected system) has number Y in connected system. In the configuration you can map supplier X to supplier Y, so if you create a central contract with supplier X, system will distribute it into connected systems with supplier Y.

In this case you don't need to recreate the company code or plant assignments in connected system, because system uses supplier Y and not X. Assuming that you have an already working configuration for supplier Y in the connected system.

Best regards,

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Hi.Thanks for your input.

I understand the concept. I have created the vendor as a BP in our hub system with roles FLVN00 and FLVN01 and i can now map it to our ERP vendors.

Has anyone got any best practice on maintaining and creating these links once in a production system?