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To work on Scheduled Task Class

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Hi Experts,

We have one business requirement to send the notifications if any changes done in Scheduled Tasks.

Is it possible to do scripting the Schedules tasks class , as I am not able to see Scheduled task class while creating a script and neither in the Extension Definition .

Any leads would be of great help!

Thanks in Advance:)



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Hi Geetika,

Let me put my understanding on the above requirement. First thing is that you cannot invoke or call Schedule task class object as there is no IAPI exposed.

But with a different approach you can create another schedule job using explicitly script having a query which will fetch  details from the back end for recently modified scheduled tasks from the table "FCI_SYS_MANAGED_DAEMON". So that you can send notifications accordingly.

Run this schedule task daily or weekly or keep custom range as per the requirement. Just modify the column MODIFIED_AT (Eg: <%TODAY%>-MODIFIED_AT = 1 --> for last day <%TODAY%>-MODIFIED_AT = 7-->for a week. If you want for less than a day then use SYSDATE-MODIFIED_AT<=10 -->Minutes and so on.....)in the where clause of the query that you will be calling accordingly.

Hope this may help you to solve your requirement.


Phani Poorna