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Supplier Lifecycle Management - Qualification Questionnaire name

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Hi All,

We are working with Supplier Lifecycle Module, and encountered certain problem which no one so far could help us with. We have different types of suppliers, which require different types of Qualification Questionnaires (they are selected in the second step of opening Qualification for a supplier from a dropdown list - around 19 different templates). After sending the template to the supplier, it does not appear with the same name in the workspace - what we have there is only Supplier Qualification Questionnaire and SQD. In order to check what kind of questionnaire has been sent, we need to open the document in the workspace, and check questions. What we would like to do is either include the information on the exact questionnaire template name in the suppliers profile qualification tab in the line for started qualification - maybe between Status and Owner, or to be able to retrieve the information using Analytical reports or API. However what we were able to retrieve with reports are only the generic questionnaire names - "SQD" and "Supplier Qualification Questionnaire"

One of our solutions, which could be applied would be to add another question to each of the templates with exact name of the template used, and then retrieve the information on each qualification using this question. This might be a good solution, however it would work maybe, for the future, however that does not solve a problem with past qualifications.

Would anyone would be able to advise?

Is there an option to add information on the template used in the supplier profile? If not, would anyone be able to advise how to retrieve this information using reporting, either via Analytical reports or API? What would be best practices maybe used by different companies, as I believe that this problem should be known?

Thank you in advance for any advices.

Kind regards,


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