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Steps for loading non vendors into SAP CLM

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Hi Experts!!!,

I am very much new to SAP CLM and would like to seek your guidance in solving one of the below query.

I am using SAP CLM 9.0.

Requirement :

Need to stop non vendors (employee records - 1000xxx) records loading into CLM.

How should I proceed as beginner to check whether the non vendor records are at first loaded into CLM where.

Secondly, if the non vendor records are available in CLM then in that case how should I proceed to filter out that and make sure that employee records are not loaded.

P.S. I am still learning and in very early stage of learning.

Any help/ suggestions are welcome.



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   Where(ECC?) from and how(IDOC, XML) are you sending these non-vendor data to the CLM system..

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Thank you Venkat for responding back.

The data is already in place in CLM from ECC, I just need to verify that none of the non vendors (basically the employee) records are passed to CLM from ECC.

Where in CLM can I make sure to search the vendor records . And after searching if I come across that employee records are present then how should I develop a filter to stop this flow of employee records.