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SRM:User not able to process Shopping cart when 2 domains are maintained for his ID.

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Hi Team, My client is maintaining 2 domains like ( ,


1.So when the user creates a shopping cart mail notification is sent to first userid -

2.Now User logs into second userid( for approving the Shopping cart. 3.User 'Approves or Rejects' the shopping cart.

4.But SRM system is not recognizing the user action,because emailid maintained at portal level is (screenshot1)

5.If we maintain same emailid as the user login in outlook,the approval process works fine.

Please let me know how to process the shopping cart when user log in as but at portal it is maintained as Can we maintain both the Emailds at portal?

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Basically for offline approvals the emails must be maintained on the SAPGUI. Here you will need to change the user's email address in both SU01, and BP and BP--> Relationship. The emails needs to be the same in each of these three places. If you have the function: SRM_701_SHIP_TO_ADDRESS_SC enabled, then the email address might be taken from the table: BBPD_ES_EEWA. Please refer to the Wiki page:

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Hi Zoltan,

Thanks for the info.

I believe BADI-BBP_OFFLINE_APP_BADI-->SMTP_INBOUND_ADDR_GET can be used to modify the email address of the approver such that it synchs with the emailid present at portal screen.

But I find difficult to execute the method(screenshot1)after entering all the details I am not getting output values.Not sure what am I missing.

Any idea how to execute the this method?