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SRM UI Add-on with OCI 5 - Search for products doesn't return any results

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Hi All,

I have SRM 7 configured with SRM UI and NXP add-ons (SP05), extracted test sample JSON data from the catalog importer (SRMNXP/CAT01) and the sample data is in the staging tables. Further Enterprise search is activated and search connectors created and scheduled for indexing in the ESH cockpit. I can also see the optimized entries in the grid. However, when I try searching with the search terms in the Search section with any or all categories, I only get a "Loading" message with no results displayed. Any pointers at this stage is much appreciated...



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Answers (2)

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Hi Praveen,

I also facing kind of similar issue. Like, when we are trying to load the JSON data from the Catalog importer (/SRMNXP/CAT01) it show the successfully green symbol but there is no entries are updating in Staging table.

Could you please give the table sample JSON file and how it will update into staging table technically.

It would great help for me if you provide the answer.



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Hello Praveen,

Just to cross verify if the ESH components are all setup properly, you can check the search using the report 'ESH_TEST_SEARCH'. Please follow these steps:

1) Login to SAP GUI and run the transaction se38.

2) Enter report 'ESH_TEST_SEARCH' and execute

3) In the screen that appears enter the following values:

Object Type : SRMNXP02_CATALOG

Check Freestyle Search checkbox

Search Term : *a*

4) Execute

If you are able to see the results here, the search connectors are setup properly and we need to look into the application. Else, ESH setup should be done again here.

And in addition, kindly make sure if the user you are searching with has proper authorizations for the available product categories.

Please check this and let me know.



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Thank-you for replying, I should have mentioned that I had already completed the ESH_TEST_SEARCH as well as Enterprise search with T-code ESH_SEARCH after the post and could see results in both cases.

However the results were not appearing in UI.

I was able to solve the issue by updating 2 notes related to Product category search - details of which i have mentioned in a different post.