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SRM Purchase UOM different from ECC Purchase UOM

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Hi SRM experts,

We are using SRM 7 ECS. For a particular material we have maintained EA as the UOM in our ECC material master (Purchase UOM in material master is blank). In the info record for this material, Purchase UOM is maintained as Case, CV together with the conversion units.

When the buyer manually creates an SRM PO, the UOM is auto-filled as EA. But when the PO replicates to ECC, the Purchase UOM gets converted to Case.

1. Is this the standard behavior that the SRM PO will have the unit as EA and when it gets replicated to ECC, the Purchase UOM will become Case

2. If we check the SRM product in SRM product workbench, we see that both the base unit (in Basic data tab) and UOM in purchasing tab are EA. Again , Is this the way the replication of material from ECC to SRM should happen:

Purchase UOM (in SRM) = Base UOM (in ECC material master)



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Point 1 : yes, if no alternate uom is maintained, base UOM acts as purchasing doc UOM, and these UOMs should be ISO UOM in SRM

Point 2: yes, after replication Purchase UOM (in SRM) = Base UOM (in ECC material master) if no alternate UOMs exist. otherwise the case is different.