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SRM ProcCtrl WF - Show Cart Item details of current Decision Set in Work item Long Text

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Within SRM 7.0 Process Controlled WF at Item Level for Shopping Carts there is config and BAdIs to define Item Bundles with associated Approvers. This done using the Responsibility Resolver and Area class concept.

Is it possible within the Long Text of the Workitem to show details of the Cart Items associated current Decision Set? There is a linkage between Work Item, Decision Set, Area and Cart Items but within the constricts of a predefined framework Workflow I can't see any way to access this.

If I could access the current Work Item number within BUS2121 then I could establish the linkage (Work Item into table /SAPSRM/D_WF_013 gives Decision Set and can then read /SAPSRM/D_WF_005 to get the Area GUID from which I could invoke my own class methods).

None of the methods I've found reference to work in SRM because they rely on Events being raised but SRM doesn't use events. So FM SWO_QUERY_REQUESTER doesn't work, nor does method cl_swf_evt_requester=>get_workitem.

Is there anyway to programmatically determine the Cart Items that relate to the current Work Item so that details of just those Items can be shown in the Work Item long text??

Without opening the Shopping Cart screen the user wants to know which Items they are responsible for and what the total value of those are.

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I would like to suggest to read the following Wiki page, which explains the connections between the runtime tables of the SRM PC workflow. I hope it will help to get the relevant information for your custom implementation:

Best Regards,
Gergely Horvath-Dori