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SRM Portal - Accounting Value Help: Password was not used for a long period and therefore deactivated

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When a user creates a shopping cart and clicks on box next to account assignment for asset or cost center, the user gets "Accounting value help: Password was not used for a long period and therefore deactivated."

I checked the user and rfc users set up in ECC and everything is fine and no password is deactivated.

This works fine in quality system, but it is giving above error message in production system.

I compared most of the settings in SPRO between Q and P systems and they are identical.

I am running out things to check.

Has anyone face this issue before?

Anyone has any suggestion?



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Hi John Lee,

That error message normally appears when a user has his password expired. If it is a RFC user, can you check if it is classified as system user (so that password cannot expire)?

Kind regards,


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Hi Garcia,
Yes, RFC users (two) are set up as system users.